About Valeria

Hi. I am Dr Valeria Lo Iacono, an Italian living in the UK and I am over 50.

On this site, I aim to try and inspire you if you are also an over 50s. Here I will talk about travel, cooking, and over 50s lifestyle, including how to stay healthy physically and mentally.

My Story

I am originally from Sicily from a small village on the Etna volcano.

After studying art near Rome and tourism in Venice I moved to Ireland and eventually to the UK where I now live.

In my 40s I then did a Ph.D. in cultural heritage and I now run my own business Symonds Research.

50s and Beyond

Now I am in my 50s I really enjoy spending time and learning more continuously about:

  • fitness
  • food and health
  • art
  • travel

In fact, I feel that many of us have the opportunity to have the best time of our life from 50 years and onwards because:

  • if you have children then they are closer to fleeing the nest
  • generally speaking, we are likely to be more affluent money-wise than in our earlier years
  • we are generally more confident and understand more about what we like to do, see and experience as we are wiser as we are older

The Aim

For many people in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s though, it can be a difficult time for a number of reasons.

Or maybe you are already thriving and like me, you feel that life in your 50s is a great period in your life?

Whatever your situation, on this site I hope that you can find some inspiration from the posts aimed at promoting life for the over 50s.

Posts will include ways for us in our 50s and later in life to really thrive and to experience the best of the world.

On this site, you will find information about travel, how to keep active and enjoy life after 50, and a series of tips and ideas that you might find useful.

Our health and strength might not be the same as it was when we were in our 20s but there is no reason to give up on life! In fact, sometimes you will find that you can be happier than ever and achieve more (or at least as much) later in life.

You just need to understand how your body, your mind, and your life overall change with time and adjust. This way, you can make the most of what life still has to offer!