Last Updated on February 21, 2023

For some, art is best left to those who were good at art in their school days. The benefits to painting are many and it is much more than just creating something out of nothing. The health benefits of painting are wide and varied. Painting, no matter what your ability, can help to train your brain, improve mental health, memory loss, and relieve stress. Here are 10 benefits and reasons why you should start painting.

Reasons to start painting as a hobby

1. Painting Improves Your Muscle Mobility Skills

Even if you have a great vision in your mind, the hardest part can be putting it on canvas. A part of that comes down to your mobility.

The smaller muscles in your hands are required to perform dainty movements in order to bring your piece to life. It’s not a skill that comes without practice.

Like other aspects of life that require these movements, painting will enhance your fine motor skills and help you maintain important neural connections throughout your life.

These skills flow into other areas, whether that be sport, work, or everyday life.

Importantly, painting can also be a way for senior citizens to keep or regain these precious abilities.

Colours of paint for painting art

2. Painting Can Be Great for Stress Release

Everyone needs an outlet for when life is becoming hectic or getting them down.

For some, it’s exercise, for others, it’s a drive through the countryside.

But painting can also provide a much-needed release of stress.

Painting allows you to put your emotions down on the canvas, to explore your frustrations.

It even allows you to indulge in a fantasy world if that’s what you prefer.

By stimulating your creativity, you’ll be focusing purely on the task at hand and not on what is bothering you.

Group painting classes are also handy for this as you also have the benefit of socializing and sharing your emotions.

3. Painting Promotes Positive Emotions

As much as painting can be a fantastic stress release, it’s also known to promote positive emotions.

Not only can it help you focus on the moment, but painting can also help replace those negative emotions with happy ones.

The colors on the canvas can make you feel more positive. Also, the sense of achievement that arises from completing a piece of art can give your mood a positive boost.

At the beginning of your painting journey, your work may be more helpful for stress release. But, as your creativity and motor skills improve, so will your art.

This will only increase the benefits of painting as it increases your happiness and sense of achievement.

4. Painting Is a Way to Improve Your Concentration Levels

Painting art for fun as an adult

If you are at the start of your art journey, you may often struggle with sitting down and trying to paint. It’s akin to a writer staring at a blank document on the laptop.

The blankness means a world of possibilities and, with so many avenues to go down, artists can often get choice paralysis.

But, as you paint more and more, you’ll continue to put yourself in the moment and your concentration skills will improve.

There are more benefits to your growing concentration. Painting helps to stimulate all areas of the brain, to do with both logic, and creativity.

From a medical standpoint, art encourages imagination, and imagination can strengthen memory among those with memory loss.

5. You Can Explore Your Inner Self Through Painting

Painting often involves putting your heart and soul onto the canvas.

If you’re recreating a memory, you’ll find yourself back in that moment as you draw inspiration.

Even if your painting or drawing is something that didn’t involve you, the way you express the moment offers an insight into your subconscious self.

Painting can be a great way to release emotions, by realizing them on paper.

Furthermore, painting can be a way to explore your moods and levels of stress.

This will help you better understand potential triggers for love, anger, and sadness, etc., as you explore your inner self through your art.

6. Painting Is a Challenge

Painting isn’t easy. It’s a challenge. It doesn’t have to be a way to explore your inner self or deal with outside stress.

Sometimes painting is just that, painting.

For many, the challenge of realizing a vision is the most satisfying aspect.

Not everyone who starts painting wants to become professional or even have their work put on display.

It’s not always about creating masterpieces. It can just be fun!

There are many things we can do in our free time that will require us to think outside the box and jump beyond our comfort zone.

For some, that’s by venturing into the wilderness, for others it’s by picking up the brush.

Even if you’ve been painting for a long time, there are always more things to learn and ways to experiment.

7. Painting Helps You Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills

Speaking of learning and experimenting, painting encourages you to look at things in a new way.

Sometimes you’ll start off in one direction and reach a dead end. You’ll either have to scrap the piece or try something new.

Another time, you may need to fix mistakes. For example, you’ve dropped paint in the wrong area of the piece. Can you work out how to correct the problem?

By facing new obstacles, you will continue to enhance your problem-solving skills, which is an ability that is useful to have in all areas of life.

8. Learn to Communicate Through Art

Art is essentially another language, and painting is how we can communicate.

Just like how you can explore your inner self through art, the paintbrush can be the key to showing the world your thoughts and dreams that you can’t express out loud.

There are several aspects to this.

For anyone that’s gone through an incredible (or traumatic event) the canvas can help you say things that you otherwise cannot quite put into words.

It can also help with general shyness or for members of our community with autism.

The canvas is a blank slate for everyone to tell the world what they want them to hear.

9. Painting Leads to Creative Growth

Some people may see themselves as being more rational and analytical, rather than creative.

They may even have been discouraged as children from trying to be creative, just because maybe they could not draw as well as other children at school did.

As a result, they preclude themselves from expressing themselves creatively.

While some people have a natural knack for the arts, it’s those on the other end of the spectrum who can most benefit from painting. Painting can help them express the hidden creative part of them, which has been repressed for years.

Focus and practice are two hallmarks of logical and analytical people, two qualities that will come in handy when pursuing this new skill.

The reality though is that in life we need both logic and creativity and painting will help you pursue your creative growth.

10. Painting Is Fun!

Ultimately, painting is fun. All the above reasons for you to start painting show its ability to improve your mental health, skills, and creativity.

As much as the artistic process can be incredibly frustrating, if you stick it out, it will reward you.

Along the way, you’ll find yourself inspired by the world around you as the canvas finally provides a place to explore the things that long linger in your mind.

Painting provides all the aspects of entertainment. It can bring people together and can help you explore a new avenue in life.

All of which adds up to a fun time, if you ask me!