Last Updated on January 15, 2023

Art termonology and glossary

In this section below you will find the most common art-related words and terms.



Acrylic is a type of quick-drying paint that is ideal for beginner painters when starting off. Acrylic paint is also relatively simple to remove with spirits.


Agamograph art is named after the artist Yaacov Agam, who was born in Israel and whose work is exhibited worldwide, including in the Louvre.

Agamographs are art that provides an optical illusion, according to the angle from which you view the art.

As you stand in different positions viewing the art, the view of the art changes.

>>How to make a very basic Agamograph.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau is a style of art that developed in the 1800s and involved exotic and interesting shapes. It was soon as a progressive form of art in its time.



Calligraphy is the art of drawing different styles and designed fonts and it is an art form in its own right.

Several people specialize in calligraphy as a business and provide their designs for items such as wedding invitation cards, custom-made valentines cards, and for a variety of purposes.


A collage in respect of art is when you combine lots of different items into one piece of art.

You might, for example, include drawings, photographs, cloth, and other materials and items.



Gouache is a medium used in painting and it is fairly similar to watercolor and acrylic.

In Gouache, the paint is a mix of natural of synthetic, and more natural pigments and it is water-based.



Hatching refers to the process of using parallel lines to indicate tone, light, or shade when drawing.


Life Drawing

Life drawing refers to drawing the human form, enabling you to draw anatomy and to learn to draw and paint various postures and shapes.

Learning how to draw things such as a human hand or feet and learning proportions can be especially challenging but useful to learn.

The life model in many instances can be without any clothes.


Performance Art

Performance Art is a type of art that involves real-time performance or is documented.

Most often, it will involve a live performance and this performance can be planned or be improvised.

The idea often with performance art is to make the performance something that pushes the spectators to think or experience something outside of the box, ie to provoke, shock, and surprise the viewer.

One of the most famous performance artists of your time is Marina Abramović.


Still Life

In still life drawing (or painting)., the idea is to draw simple objects to capture a two-dimensional drawing.

Classic objects that are used include apples, flowers, a teapot and cups, candles, or other fruits such as a pear.

The idea will still life is to master how to draw basic objects as a beginner.


Warm Colors

When people refer to warm colors, they are referring to colors such as red, orange, and yellow, i.e. bright colors that give people a positive feeling.