Last Updated on May 4, 2023

You might share some of these experiences as someone in your 50s or 60s? Let us know in the comments at the bottom at the end of this post your ideas! 🙂

Being in yours 50s and 60s and the funny things

1. Reading about Health

You actually enjoy reading those long articles on health and nutrition instead of just skimming the headlines.

In fact, reading about what foods to eat and whether or not wine is good or bad for you, and reading about how to deal with menopause actually seems interesting now.

2. Simplicity Reigns

You have started to appreciate the little things in life, like a good cup of tea or an extra five minutes of sleep.

Even the fact that the rubbish (garbage) disposal people have taken away your recyclables seems like a great start to the day.

Having 5 minutes spare in the garden to admire the daffodils seems like bliss these days.

Even managing to quickly find your car in a car park seems like a victory and excites you these days.

Simple things mean big happiness!

3. Did You Say Shopping?

Shopping becomes less about looking good and more about comfort and practicality, which helps when keeping up with trends gets too hard.

Having clothing that fits and is comfortable means a lot.

You might have also become more daring with fashion and no longer care what other people think, which can lead to some funny combinations.

4. Repeating the Same Stories

Telling the same stories over and over again seems normal these days.

As a person gets older, there is sometimes a tendency to tell the same stories to people who have heard them before, but still with enthusiasm and gusto as though it’s the first time.

5. A Nice Evening in

You start looking forward to spending quiet evenings at home, without feeling like you’re missing out on anything big or exciting.

A gin and tonic or glass of wine and the TV guide in your hand isn’t a bad place to be.

6. Sticking with It

You adopt a new hobby and actually stick with it for more than a month because you have the patience for it now.

Not only that, you actually are finding the time to do a hobby or two that you’ve always been interested in but never found the time to do.

7. Dream Travel

Your passion for travel increases tenfold as you start planning trips to places you’ve only ever dreamed of going.

Travel is also no longer about the cost but about seeing that place or places you’ve always dreamed of but struggled to get to for some reason.

That trip to Alaska to see the wildlife and to see the Hawaiian Islands is finally on!

8. Your Skills Are Becoming Dated

You might have also found that your computer skills suddenly seem like ancient knowledge (compared to what your kids can do).

It feels hard to keep up with the youngsters these days.

9. Becoming a Master of Napping

You have begun to really appreciate sleep more than ever and learned the power of naps.

Being able to fall asleep anywhere at any time is a skill that comes with age!

10. Knowing What You Want

You get better at distinguishing between what is really important and what is not and this helps you to declutter both your mind and life in general.

11. Being Called Auntie or Uncle

People start calling you “auntie” or “uncle” and you can’t help but feel flattered.

12. Realizing Your Parents Were Right

You realize that your parents were right about a lot of things, and you never thought you’d say it out loud.

In fact, you have become like your parents!

13. You Can Laugh at Yourself

These days, you can laugh at yourself without feeling embarrassed or ashamed, making it easier to find humor in all of life’s ups and downs.

In your 50s and 60s, you are more relaxed and are simply less sensitive.

14. You Choose Friends More Carefully

You become pickier with who you spend your time with, which makes socializing more enjoyable than ever before!

15. The Memory

You find yourself asking the same questions over and over again and you don’t even care.

16. Me Time

You begin to understand the importance of “me time” and that taking a break is not only beneficial but necessary.

17. Saying No

You start learning how to say no without feeling guilty about it.

This makes life so much easier!

18. Appetite

Your appetite becomes smaller but your thirst for knowledge increases, which makes learning new things a lot easier!

19. Remembering

You find yourself embracing fads from the past such as bell bottoms, the Macarena, Abba, and Tom Cruise in Top Gun with a knowing smile.

20. Being Able to Laugh Easily

You develop a knack for finding the humour in almost any situation, which makes it easier to move on and keep smiling.

21. Music

You realize that the music you used to hate is now your favorite type of music.

In fact, you now listen to music that your parents might have actually liked.